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Programs for New Reflections Technical Institute in Kansas City, MO

Work with an enrollment counselor to see which program is right for you.

Commercial Drivers License

Commercial Drivers License – 6 Week Program

Transportation is a growing industry! At New Reflections Technical institute, we prepare our drivers with the necessary skills to start driving trucks skillfully. Our school will allow drivers to gain hands-on training and course knowledge to properly handle and operate a commercial truck.

Must be approved prior to course enrollment, APPLY TODAY!

Certificate (Proprietary) | Certificate (2 Year) | CIP: 490205 Tuition: $5,500.00 | Fees: $175.00 | Books/Supplies: $359.00 Hours: 160.0 | Length (in weeks): 6

Adult Education & Literacy

Adult Education & Literacy – 12-Week Program

If you want to pursue a rewarding career or further your education, then getting your high school diploma is the first step towards your new career. Universities and employers now require that you have an AEL or high school diploma. Let New Reflections Technical Institute help you succeed in achieving a brighter future and start that career you have been waiting for.

Certificate (Proprietary) | Certificate (2 Year) | CIP: 3091601
Tuition: $1,467.00 | Fees: $190.00 | Books/Supplies: $0.00
Hours: 144.0 | Length (in weeks): 12  


Computer User Support

  • Perform a variety of accounting applications with emphasis on computer technology.
  • Prepare graduates for entry-level employment and advancement in accounting positions.
  • Graduates will have basic accounting skills in journalizing and posting
  • Graduates will have a basic working knowledge of accounting systems, as well as other general business skills.
  • Graduates will also have practical skills in computer spreadsheet applications and word processing.

Tuition: $4,650.00 | Certificate: 6 weeks


Secretaries & Administrative Assistants

  • Operate the letter and number keys with correct fingering.
  • Proofread typed work against a key, mark and count errors, and compute typing speed.
  • Understand speed and accuracy levels.
  • Understand word division, uses of symbols, and names of the basic parts of letters, tables and reports.
  • To format correctly various production jobs, including (a) a standard business letter on a letterhead; (b) a three-column table with title, subtitle, and column headings. Increase typing speed by 25%.
  • To format correctly form unarranged copy or rough-draft copy; (a) letters, (b) interoffice memorandums, (c) ruled and boxed tables. (d) reports, (e) news releases, and (e) news releases and (f) magazine articles and book manuscripts.
  • Describe an office environment, ergonomics, modular design, office work-flow, organizational makeup and safety hazards.
  • Use human relationships skills in the office to work as a team member: supportive of co-workers in the office; understand and deal with difficult people and maintaining high ethical standards in the office.

Tuition: $4,650.00 | Certificate: 6 weeks


Call Center Representative

The Call Center Representative Certification course is designed to successfully train and develop customer service professionals.  Students will gain a full understanding of the Call Center Role and expectations.  Course content includes soft skills, customer service skills, computer skills and automated call simulation. Students will learn how to achieve and sustain successful careers in call centers along with what it takes to excel in performance. Topics include Communication Skills, Telephony, Problem Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Professionalism/Attendance, Career Paths, Interviewing Skills/Resume Preparation, Workplace Survival Skills/Ethics and Life Skills/Self Help.  Students will take Pre/Post Assessments and a final Certification Examination.  Upon successful completion, students will receive a NRF Customer Service and Sales Certification and will receive interview/placement opportunities.

Learning Metrics

  1. Learn effective customer service/telesales skills for inbound/outbound calls and face to face interactions.
  2. Identify key characteristics of customer contact employees who demonstrate superior customer service skills.
  3. Understand how to utilize probing questions to effectively obtain valuable information to satisfy customers and problem solve.
  4. Build computer skills through call simulation and introduction to Microsoft Word/Excel and internet navigation.
  5. Learn soft skills and business friendly communication skills including active listening, grammar, writing and note taking.
  6. Acquire tools for being an effective company ambassador to both internal/external customers.
  7. Identify proactive customer service opportunities in a variety of situations in order to maximize outcomes.
  8. Understand the importance of high energy, enthusiasm, rapport building and cross selling.
  9. Build an effective resume, practice interview skills and complete online applications.
  10. Learn key behaviors necessary for success and advancement in the call center and service industry.
  11. Successful graduates can expect immediate referral to hiring companies.  Training available on each company.


Administration Fee: $100.00, Tuition: $4,000.00, Lab Fees: $150.00, Certification Test Fee: $350.00, Books & Supplies: $125.00, Total: $4,725.00