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Secretaries & Administrative Assistants

  • Operate the letter and number keys with correct fingering.
  • Proofread typed work against a key, mark and count errors, and compute typing speed.
  • Understand speed and accuracy levels.
  • Understand word division, uses of symbols, and names of the basic parts of letters, tables and reports.
  • To format correctly various production jobs, including (a) a standard business letter on a letterhead; (b) a three-column table with title, subtitle, and column headings. Increase typing speed by 25%.
  • To format correctly form unarranged copy or rough-draft copy; (a) letters, (b) interoffice memorandums, (c) ruled and boxed tables. (d) reports, (e) news releases, and (e) news releases and (f) magazine articles and book manuscripts.
  • Describe an office environment, ergonomics, modular design, office work-flow, organizational makeup and safety hazards.
  • Use human relationships skills in the office to work as a team member: supportive of co-workers in the office; understand and deal with difficult people and maintaining high ethical standards in the office.

Tuition: Financial Assistance Available Up to 100% | Certificate: 6 weeks