Our mission is to create a culture of excellence through productive and progressive training practices to improve the opportunity for the community through education and training.



New Reflections Technical Institute (NRTI) began as an entrepreneurship, business, and socialization program. In 1996, our initial focus was on youth in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on exemplifying a diverse and innovative Institution dedicated to providing skills training and education, cultural enrichment, and and life skills support to our students. Beginning in 2011, NRTI graduated nearly 3,011 students through its' then GED program. From those initial programs spawned a new purpose past a high school/GED education and highlighted need for a skilled workforce. Keeping that in mind, Founder and Owner of New Reflections Technical Institute, Mark Byrd, spearheaded the drive to close the skills gap created by a workforce no longer qualified for the slate of jobs and careers available to earn a living. In 2015, New Reflections Technical Institute announced the addition of new courses in an attempt to do its' part in bridging the gap. This introduction included the addition of the following courses: CDL Class A, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Computer User Support, Secretaries & Administrative Assistants, Carpentry Fundamentals, and Call Center Representative. These courses were an early attempt to begin to create a new skilled workforce in in-demand industries. Since then, we continue to provide excellent training opportunities with an eye on the future.

Meet the Founder


Mark Byrd, President & CEO

Mark Byrd, President & CEO of New Reflections Technical Institute, has been a pillar in the Kansas City, MO community for over 20 years. He acknowledged the needs of his neighborhood early on and charted a path to help. Through his construction program he recognized that many people in the community had not completed high school or obtained a GED. With his consistent belief that education is the key to ending poverty and uplifting the community, he started a General Education Degree Program (GED). This program started with 4 students and grew to an astonishing 3,011 graduates. Mr. Byrd recognized the importance of laying a firm foundation of education to begin building the futures of the youth in the community. Still not satisfied, Mr. Byrd applied for certification by the Department of Education and Secondary Education to begin providing classes that would allow people to get a foot inside the door of hiring companies.

Mr. Byrd has worked tirelessly to provide more opportunities through education and employment and has also created new partnerships with local employers to ensure that when courses are completed and certifications are received, jobs are waiting for NRTI students.

By providing these certifications, young people now have an answer to the lack of experience response from current employers. Once the approval was received he continued to certify with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA), the Veterans Administration (VA), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and partnered with a number of community groups to assist their targeted demographics with education.

Meet the team


Alaia Martin, Director of Education and COO

Alaia Martin, Director of Education and COO of New Reflections Technical Institute, joined our team in 2022. Her mission is to expand the programming that the NRTI team has worked so hard to build, and to create new partnerships that magnify our community impact. She comes from a background in corporate finance and entrepreneurship, and is passionate about empowering the next generations with education and financial literacy.

Partnering Programs


New Reflections Technical Institute and KC Redemption have teamed up for our students! KC Redemption provides diversion and re-entry programs for individuals involved with the Justice System.    Our partnership with KC Redemption provides training and employment opportunities for our students who are typically shut out of certain jobs and education due to their criminal background.

Case Managers work with our students to ensure successful completion while they navigate through the justice system.  Probation and Parole Officers work hand-in-hand with New Reflections and KC Redemption to provide education and training, housing, and supportive services.

For more information, click here!

You can contact KC Redemption at 816-533-3139 or by email at info@kcredemption.com and someone will be help you!


NRTI Students

Incarcerated or Recently Released?

Are you currently incarcerated, pending incarceration, or just recently released from prison?  New Reflections Technical Institute works with KC Redemption to assist our students to find resources, attend court-ordered classes, and participate in mandatory training.

If this is you, click the link and find our more about KC Redemption Re-Entry and Diversion programs.

Please note, a felony background will not prohibit you from employment, employment placement, or attending New Reflections Technical School.  All are welcome here!