Bookkeeping & Accounting

Looking for a new career? Why not in Bookkeeping & Accounting. Companies are always looking to hire competent, professional, and knowledgeable people to handle their finances. It could be YOU! Many of our graduates go on to careers in accounting after graduation. Our courses assist with opening the door and exposing you to accounting and business operations or as support staff in large corporations.


Hands On Experience

All students of New Reflections Technical Institute have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning. Our small class sizes provide a one-on-one experience that allows students to develop their schools while they learn. Students learn from instructors and their peers.


Short Term Classes

In 6-weeks students of New Reflections Technical Institute are poised to begin employment directly out of school. Short term classes ensure the opportunities are now and in the very short future. A small sacrifice of time will yield a large reward. This course is concentrated and designed for smooth and seamless training.


Dedicated Staff

The staff at New Reflections is dedicated to ensuring our students success. We provide referral services beyond education. Our goal is to remove any barrier to training and provide services that support that effort.

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