Working to Improve the Diversity of the Trucking Industry

The NextTech Diversity Program aims to provide career training and placement of diverse candidates to take on roles as 5G network equipment drivers. With $1M+ in initial seed funding from T-Mobile, and anticipated support from industry trucking companies, our goal is to create long-term telecom careers where training provides job opportunities for individuals to obtain commercial driver licenses to transport 5G network equipment on a national level.

The Power of the Program

The CDL Class A/B Truck Driver program readies an entry level student for the rigors of the trucking industry. New Reflections Technical Institute's CDL Class A/B License course features a two-week permit session that prepares the student within a structured learning environment made up of blended learning: e-learning, lecture and hands on.

This ‘hands on first’ approach allows the student to gain their competencies in an environment where 80% of the curriculum is done in an actual truck. Upon completion of the CDL CLass A/B Program, the student is immediately placed with a partnering trucking company.

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The NextTech Diversity Program commits to making a significant impact in three important ways:

Candidates in the Program

Guaranteed job placement for all eligible Candidates after graduation

Supporting Candidates for 12 months after job placement with career counseling, ranging from career development to financial management.


America’s trucking industry (and customers!) are ready for a massive dose of CDL Class A/B truck drivers.

• Currently, 3.6 million people are employed as
professional drivers and 7.95 million working in the
transportation field in some way.

• This accounts for 5.8% of the overall United States

• Since 2019, there has been a nearly 61,000 deficit in
truck drivers in the US.

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T-Mobile & NextTech Diversity Program

T-Mobile and the NextTech Diversity Program partners understand the value of a fair and inclusive workforce and the need to expand diversity of people working in the trucking industry, overall. Therefore, T-Mobile will engage in this Program and recruit Trucking Companies to pledge and support the Program.

As our customer base becomes more diverse, TMO is leading the charge to foster diversity, equity and inclusion to include diverse communities, as both customers and employees in the overall telecom workforce that fuels our growth. Therefore, in order to provide such opportunities, this Program is established to support the recruiting, training, certification, and placement of qualified diverse candidates in the trucking industry as skilled CDL Class A Drivers.

Pick Your Donor Level

The goal of the NextTech Diversity Program is to increase Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) across the Trucking industry by investing in the recruiting, training, certification and job placement of minorities and women. The trucking industry often has thousands of open positions that offer long-term, rewarding careers to those with applicable skills and certifications. Yet, there is a lack of diversity in the workforce that includes male and female truck drivers. To improve the participation of underrepresented communities in the trucking industry and create real change, we have partnered with T-Mobile to develop the NextTech Diversity Program. We invite your company to pledge and support us in “Building One United Front!”

Like-minded individuals and organizations will partner with us to champion the DE&I values of the NextTech Diversity Program. Partners can pledge at one of four levels based on their investment commitment: Connector, Builder, Integrator, or Visionary. Each level of partnership requires an increasing degree of investment and commitment, and provides increased visibility and benefits.


Visionary (40+ students per year)
Integrator (10-39 students per year)
Builder (9-5 students per year)
Connector (1-4 students per year)

By clicking the INVEST IN ONE OR MORE STUDENTS, you will begin the process of information gathering and subsequent participation in the NextTech Diversity Program as a Partner. Once your information is received, an NRTI representative will contact you to schedule a meeting to further explain the Program, how you can participate, and benefits awarded your company based on the level of your organization’s pledge.


Find out how your company can get involved! If your company is interested in sponsoring students from the CDL CLass A/B Program, click Here! Build your force with safety-focused individuals prepared to drive for you!

NextTech Diversity: Changing Lives

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